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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

This story follows in sequence the previous short story number 883

Just last week I had a 6V car converted to 12V. Our small town auto electric man had all components except an ignition coil so I went to a national auto supplier and purchased one. Following the conversion, the vehicle was a little difficult to start and after a 3 mile drive it stopped. Right on the entrance to a major national highway roundabout. I managed to restart and the next day and it quit at the major turn into town, outside the Tatistals Pub. Bar flys came to the footpath drinking beer and offering advice.
Each failure had symptoms of fuel blockage. Following every remedy, one would follow it still failed to start so I towed it home and changed this nice red coil for an old black one and she fired before the engine had made a single revolution.
The product was generic without a manufactures name but did show the distributors name which was “fuel miser” and came in a pretty box with scant details but it did say it was made in China. The only marking on the coil was “C80”. I called them, fuel miser that is, and they assured me they sold them by the thousands and never ever had a failure. A customer review column on ebay showed differently. Tomorrow or Monday I shall ask for a money back return.
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