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Default Re: 29 Tudor electric wiper

Don't give up yet! As mentioned above, test your wiper motor again out of the car. You can do this by hooking it up to your 6V battery charger, with the red cable as a ground and the black negative connected to the power spike. If it works, your problem is most likely with your ground. You need the copper ground strap as mentioned above that will ground through one of the mounting screws. On mine, I also removed the paint from the windshield frame that the ground strap will come into contact with to insure a better ground. Finally, you will need to make sure that the windshield frame is also grounding at the top hinge. The best way is to sand off any paint on the rolled top edge of the top of the frame and also clean out the rolled part of the upper hinge. Also, make sure that there is good ground between the 6 mounting screws of the upper hinge and the header. Good luck. It's not that complicated.
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