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Default Re: 1951 Ford overdrive

Lincoln is the only one that had the Borg Warner OD with a torque tube since they started using in around 1940 or so. These transmission are very long and have a real big awkward rear mount set up. All the FoMoCo cars for 1949 & up were open drive. Ford cars prior to 1949 (banjo rear)had the Columbia rear axle as an option.

You shouldn't have to worry about gear section other than making sure the reverse lock out mechanism is good & functional. Just pull the tail end parts off and inspect everything with emphasis on the shift rail, sun gear movement, and of course the balk ring & gear plate with pawl. Some have a pin that fits in the housing to lock the pawl when the shift rail is in lock out. That pin also has to function properly. It depends on the design of the lock out mechanism as to whether it has the pin or not.

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