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Default Re: 1951 Ford overdrive

Once again, thank you Rotorwrench for your insights. The Ford "Green Bible" manual does not cover the overdrive or its disassembly. I have ordered the Lincoln mercury manual that you sited. I assume that the Mercury had an open drive shaft by that point. For others who might be interested, there is a well done YouTube video on GearBox Videos showing the disassembly of a R-10 OD unit connected to a Nash Healey transmission. Although the R-10 is the same as in other applications this particular car had a closed driveshaft making some of the rear portion of the disassembly a bit different.

As far as allowing time for the pawl to fully engage, when driving at 25-30 mph I turn on the (temporarily installed to bypass any other electrical issues) toggle switch, then after releasing the accelerator completely for 5-10 sec the OD still does not engage. This is in spite of hearing a slight click from the solenoid. From this I am assuming that the pawl is not fully seating in the balk gear. I realize that the transmission will need to be removed, but since it otherwise functions normally I am hoping that I will only need to address the OD itself. Thanks again.
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