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Default Re: 1951 Ford overdrive

To be honest ,I don't know whether the balk ring was removed from the balk gear during the restoration of the transmission. As I mentioned previously, the re builder has passed away. I do know that he was a very competent,long time re builder of early Fords. It has been my (uninformed) suspicion that the bulk ring is out of proper position, thus not allowing full travel of the solenoid plunger and complete engagement of the pawl in the balk gear. I thought that it might have been due to the initial use of the synthetic Gl-4 lubricant or to improper balk ring installation. After reading the tech post on The Fifth Avenue Garage Website, I was concerned that the excessive "slipperiness" of the synthetic lubricant might have prevented the balk ring returning to its proper position when the remedy suggested in the Borg Warner overdrive manual was tried. I see now that the ring itself may not have sufficient friction to allow it to be rotated in to its correct position. It has been my concern all along that the plunger on the solenoid was not fully extending. This being caused by the pawl striking the balk ring in an incorrect spot and preventing the pawl from properly engaging in the balk gear. I noticed that the "click" or "clunk" was much less intense with the installed solenoid than when it was tested on the bench. There was another suggested test in the manual which involved removing the solenoid cover and measuring the plunger for normal extension. I have not done that because I don't know how the internal wires are connected to the cover. I think that this procedure would answer the current issue. If anyone has removed one of these covers, I would appreciate some insight. Thanks Rotorwrench and everyone else for the suggestions and advice advice.
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