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Default Re: 1951 Ford overdrive

I am wondering where those photos came from? Oh I see now (Mac VP). I never take the balk ring off of the gear plate. It loosens the fit and it doesn't have enough tension between the two parts. The tension is what allows the balk ring to rotate with the gear. If it's loose on there it will just stay pointing down due to its own weight.

The tension is set up at manufacture of these two parts. Once it's set, they should not be taken apart. I use a spring scale to check the tension before I can call the assembly serviceable.

The type of oil shouldn't have an effect. I use Aeroshell 100 mineral oil in my Mercury transmissions. This is an SAE 50 grade 100 aircraft mineral base motor oil. SAE 50 is the same viscosity as SAE 90 gear lube since they are graded differently.

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