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Default Re: Hey Fellas... Some Clarification...

When someone has been on this site for ten years and worked on his own vehicle, then drops a Chevy in it I would hope that person would keep read and posting here for the knowledge he has picked up about things heís learned in the past about gages, switches, brakes, rear ends, doors , window lifts, steering, and even answers to problems he may have also had when he was still running the stock engine.
I have never owned a model A but I read the forums because I like model A Fords and have worked on a lot of them and seen and solved many problems on them.
I donít have an engine in my model T but I still read and post on the T forums.
What if we were not allowed to discuss using detergent oil or radial tires or using adjustable lifters or mention DOT 5 or gel cel batteries?
I expect to see Ron posting for years to come and will continue to read every opinion and word of advice like I have for a long time.
When posted about distributors in 8ba or Merc engines I donít care that his was in an International pump jack.
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