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Default Re: Dumbest Reproduction Parts

Originally Posted by JoeCB View Post
I think that I still have four rusty "FOOL" hub caps that I bought from Warshawski back in the 60's

Joe B
I don't know if this is true or not but I am sure I read or was told that Rick Freeman of Rick's of Shawnee Kansa was a nephew or son-in-law of Warshawsky / JC Whitney co. What I do know is this Rick sold more than Model A parts he also sold later Ford parts or I should say took orders and money for parts. In the eighties I ordered a pair of 1953 Ford F-100 bedsides,supposedly NOS Genuine.I knew from past experience that he had the tendency to backorder and kept money quite awhile,I made sure the parts were in fact in stock with a phone order. I doubt even in the eighties that I used a credit card back then I usually sent a postal money order. As I remember it wasn't cheap probably $500-00-$800.00 for them and freight.Well never got them,same song and dance that they were currently out of stock even though I explained my phone call guaranteed they were in stock and marked for my order. It later took help from Kansas attorney general to get a reimbursement before he declared bankruptcy or whatever he did. I was very lucky but I did loose about $80.. on a JC Whitney order later I think on their first bankruptcy.I believe that what Rick was doing was making money on money at a time when the interest rate was very high in the teens back in the eighties. He would have your money go in earn on it until he had to refund and do this over and over.I am sure their is a legal term for this.I don't know if he was charged with fraud or income tax evasion but I do think he served some time.
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