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Default Re: Dumbest Reproduction Parts

I bought Antique Antique of San Diego in 1983. We sold reproduction early Ford Parts and Original Parts as well. The Model A Ford customers bought more parts in the '70's through the '80's than anyone. It was a huge business. In 1984 I published and distributed "The Complete Model A Parts Catalog" 1928-31 Ford reproduction parts by Mail Order. We offered the Best parts and also the lower quality priced parts. I had both types in my catalog and noted the differance. The catalog and sales did well but not great and in the late '90's was over. The internet and eBay has surpassed the walk in stores. Macs Ford Parts outdid them all by selling with lower prices mostly the lower quality cheaper stuff. However some of the reproduction parts are excellent. Vintique reproduces a lot and also Snyder's Ford Parts. Bob Drake Ford Parts reproduces mostly great parts. Kyle Allen at C & G Early Ford Parts 1932-72 has a great inventory of Bob Drake Parts along with Dennis Carpenter Ford Reproduction Parts. Kyle Allen at C & G surpasses them all in service and inventory and he worked for me first in the mid '80's where I trained him well.
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