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Default Re: Interest in new restoration project thread?

Originally Posted by 35fordtn View Post
Mike, Nice work! those frames sure are a pain to sand all the little crevices to remove the pitting, as you know. Assembly seems to be the easy part on a Early Ford V-8, but the sanding, blocking and paint related tasks are where he work really is in my opinion.

On a side note, what brand primer do you use? Also what about paint?

If you have never checked out Tamco Paint, I would recommend it highly as it seems to out surpass the PPG counterparts. I would bet most everything I own that that beautiful frame David posted a photo of was done with Tamco Products.

Hat's off to you, and excellent work!
Hey Michael,
You are of course correct in regard to the task of sanding these frames. I could check my notes but off the top of my head, I'd say I have well over 100 hours in this frame to date.
And to think this was a nice frame to begin with!

I've been using ChromaBase primer and Nason Ful-Thane color for years upon years.
Cost is reasonable and it has proven to last very well for years upon years.
I doubt I'll change but appreciate your advice. This stuff has worked so well, for so very long... plus, I know just how to handle it.
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