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Default Re: Interest in new restoration project thread?

Originally Posted by Flathead Youngin' View Post
What a wonderful opportunity! For rookies, like myself, describe, for example, the frame blasting, filing , sanding, paint.....
Thank you for your time, it's one thing to do a restore, it's another to take time and post about it all along the way...
Tomorrow is (gloss black) paint time on the frame. I am eager.

You'd asked about the process in regard to the frame...
I start by removing all components from it. Then I clean away all the grease, etc. Then it's sand blasted quite aggressively.
Once I am certain the frame is true, I begin to repair any bends, dings, etc. If there are "extra" holes that don't belong in a restored frame, those get welded shut and metal finished smooth.
This frame required one of the middle cross braces to be replaced. The replacement was riveted in as was authentic.
Then I prime and sand. I prepare my frames as I prepare hoods, fenders, etc. As most realize, the proper preparation is paramount to a beautiful finished result.
Then, I prime and sand again.
This was a rather nice frame to begin with. Very few pits and other than that damaged brace, little other repair work was required.

Tomorrow I will wipe this down with Pre-Cleano one more time and shoot...
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