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Default Re: Hey Fellas... Some Clarification...

I only came to clarify something in Mac Van Pelt's book. If that leads to my information being disparaged and called SPAM then I think you are using extortion to keep something of value. Leaving won't fix that. I began working on digital graphics and before you ever had digital photographs to post because I had a unique perspective after working on where a communications aircraft had to be positioned in space to receive telemetry from the Apollo spacecraft we are celebrating a 50th anniversary of now. How does that apply here? There is a wide range of scales involved in drafting an early Ford. Go look at how some of the former blueprints that are now copied from the microfilm of the 1960's. The aperture cards used by Tank and Automotive Command were reproduceable on a special Xerox type machine. Then when I left Pratt & Whitney in 1981 they said they were going to a new system. I found that TACCOM used aperture cards in information packets they supplied to potential vendors in 1987. Then working with full size digital aircraft drawings in the year 2000, I got fouled by the Y2K first on January 1 and then again on February 29 as the divisible by 4 also led to divisible by 400. Can a computer ever fully represent a car design done in the 30's or 40's? Must it forever be photographs, even the stitched together 3d ones. The hardest things to represent I found to be soft things like tufted and button upholstery from circa 1909. Don't worry about the fine lines. They were blurred into oblivion when the Ozalid machines were shut down and the smell of ammonia no longer wafted by the cafeteria as you walked to lunch. It's not pi that made us have to make polygons instead of circles. Nor even how 8bit words moved to 16 bit and then on to 32 bit with 128 bit and 256 needed to do the encryption so our browsers could give us secure credentials here. It was the undriveablity of cars in the 80's that caused me to park mine and then not come back as gas station tanks had to be dug up and replaced as methanol ate the galvanize off tanks and goggled up marine tanks to warn about the fiberglass tanks installed before we were given Ethanol from edibles to avoid some of the nasty that also ate the neoprene tips (Viton?) of float needles that tired to absorb the rust and debris that made flooding reject rebuilds. Now, today cars are running around reliably. But what is lurking in the barn?

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