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Default Re: Manners... A new rule...

Hello All,

I read the post and can relate to many takes on this. I love older cars and have had many. I never had someone to show me mechanics so I had to learn on my own or through what I consider you guys "the experts". This is my first pre-1960 car but I have always wanted the challenge(and I guess to preserve a piece of history). I know they are very different from the era I am used to and will humbly apologize now for any questions that may seem stupid but when I look at a flathead Vs a 351, or 302 I am amazed. I have a background working in the emergency services so I can relate to safety concerns also. I am sure some may have looked at my recent posts requests and thought who is this wingnut but I can assure you there is a sincere desire to learn from you all. Thanks again for any future help I may request on my 47. Cause it needs it!🤣👍
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