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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Treat people with courteousy and respect says Hugh.

I live on flat country, irrigation country, the Riverina. Water flows in channels for several hundred miles, that’s how flat it is. There is one hill. Mt Gwyne otherwise known as Mt Boomanoomana. I worked there some years ago for the owner named Hugh. Now Hugh started a quarry up the top of this little mountain which surprised me for I had figured it may have been deemed as “ a sacred site” by the local indigenous people. So I asked Hugh and this is what he told me.
They were invited out to inspect and stake any claim. It was December the 12th which is of course our summer. It was 9 in the morning and hadn’t yet reached100 (C) in the water bag. I invited them into my home, welcomed them and we drank a few stubbies. Well it was time to go and inspect so we piled into and onto the ute and off we drove. We didn’t quite drive to the top and we stopped to walk the rest, or we set out to anyway. We’d gone only about 200 yards when they declared they had no interest in the site. We drove home and finished off the carton.
I don’t find Aboriginal people difficult to work with pronounced Hugh.
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