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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Today a sad story.

Computer skill acquisition is not Easy for us all. And Lars, who had everything going for him.

I could fly great distances and keep a perfectly straight line. This was not the case for Lars and I will come to that.
Lars, a personable fellow. He had started his working life as a bell hop and he knew exactly how to handle people. Perhaps one fault he had was that he told me what I would like to hear and not what I needed to hear. But I liked him, indeed everyone did.

Now back to maintaining a straight line. Well as I said Lars had difficulty doing just that. In 1994 I purchased the newly invented GPS tracking system and that changed things. Lars could track perfectly straight it didn’t matter how long the runs were. Another thing changed. It was now Gary now who couldn’t maintain a straight line. It was I who got ziggy zaggy and having great difficulty because of over correcting. Gary also had difficulty setting up the computer. Gradually my skill in the former righted itself but I still have difficulty in the later.
Some things change and some things never do.

Now back to Lars. One day Lars came to me and said “Gary, I’d like to fly airliners”. Go for it Lars I responded. He did. It took about three years of preparation. More than six months intensive study, then flying out of Algeria to gain twin engine experience and back to Australia flying for a third level airline. Then he made it, starting off as junior pilot in a Qantas 747. Lars married his childhood sweetheart, bought a small farm and a tractor, had a son and went for a ride on his motor bike around the great ocean road. Windy with spectacular views. He met a vehicle coming around the bend on the wrong side of the road. That’s where life ended for Lars.

An abrupt end. Like this story for there is no pleasant way to conclude it.

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