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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Looking Back.

Early daylight has arrived, just enough to see. The aeroplane accelerates down the strip, tail lifts, main wheels lift and I free. My own world. I have command of a modern cropduster aeroplane. Pratt powered. These days no anxiety about engine failure with these modern turbine engines.
No movement in the air. Beautiful. I love this job, Iíd not swop it for quids. What a good decision to fly ag. I climb out. Love it. I feel privileged. The eastern sky is becoming pink.
I land in a grass paddock. Farmer meets me. I love working for farmers. They are forthright and honest. No bullshit. They produce the food that graces my dining table. They donít make much money and frequently need to borrow to plant and maintain their crop. Itís shameful the nation shows little gratitude to these hard working fellows and their families.
I take the farmers instructions and my aeroplane is loaded.Again I am airborne. I love this. Flying across fields. Treating them with pesticides for a specific pest. Saving their crop, producing food and contributing to the national wealth. Or maybe spreading fertilizer or sowing rice seed.
The morning is about half way. The air is moving and becoming bumpy. I continue.
By late morning the wind has become nearly gale force. Difficult to control the aeroplane and uncomfortable to the extreme. If the job is rice sowing must continue and cannot be postponed. It is shot and growing. My morning mood has changed from one of pleasure and enthusiasm to that of displeasure. Why the hell do I do this job I ask myself.
I see jet trails overhead from slick airliners with engines developing 120,000 pound of thrust from each engine. Wish my backside was parked in that. Calm and comfortable, no drift and no wet airstrips.
Flying cropdusters is a love hate job. Great when all is straight forward and weather is good. Great when drift is not a problem.
I remember returning to Finley base one evening following a repetitious day. I spotted John Robertson digging a channel with his excavator. In a whole day he had moved about 40 yards. I was pleased to think my job was more active and exciting. Just a bit too exciting sometimes especially when powerlines and trees are in the equation.

How would I choose to spend a working lifetime if I was just now entering the workforce? Just the same, nothing different. I have loved controlling an aeroplane at high speed, low level with such fine control inputs. A constant challenge for improvement and precision. The opportunity to work in various parts of the country and the world.
I have enjoyed a somewhat privileged working life.

Now a footnote. It wasnít until I wrote short stories for the Ford Barn did I realise just how great my job in my chosen field was.
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