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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Working with cloud.

The lowest cloud I ever worked in was south of Jerilderie on the property of Stuart Rochford. Spreading urea. Visibility of about two miles and very little wind. But the cloud was almost on the deck.
I would turn over trees. Very low. The lower wing had about a 20 foot margin but part of the top wing was literally in the cloud. The job took about and hour and a half. I payed strict attention to every thing. Didnít blink. I was pleased when I finished and relaxed enroute home.
Another unusual cloud / work job was at Binjour Plateau near Mundubbera Queensland. Spraying peanuts. The crop was grown to the edge of the plateau and cloud formed just below that level because of rising air. Itís known as the condensation level. At the end of the run I had to quickly descend about 100 feet, do a 180 turn then climb back and make minor adjustment to my track then continue to spray. I just loved working at Binjour. A tightly knitted farming community and they were fun and laughter and pranks.
It is worth my saying that I used to position or fly cross country in very low cloud. Vis had to be good. That was most important. Today my attitude and practice has changed. Mobile phone towers have been erected all around the country and it would be certain death to continue the practise. Thatís accommodating changed conditions and of course one must adapt.
I once worked in Far North Queensland every wet season. 24 inches of rain in 24 hours was occasionally possible and I once experienced 84 inches in 3 days at Mossman which is north of Cairns. After all my experience in the south of Australia I was reluctant to even taxi the aeroplane where it had been wet for fear of becoming bogged. However in the north here one could actually land or take off in water provided of course it was shallow. Water would be flung high infront of the aeroplane. Quite alarming to start. Talking about water , it is possible to water ski the aeroplane on water. At speed the water is hard and it is not possible to penetrate. It sounds crazy doesnít it but itís not difficult and quite safe. When I was younger Iíd do this down the irrigation channels. I was tipped off the water authority was after me so I stopped this practice.

All of that stuff is behind me now. When we age wedo get a bit boring donít we.
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