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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Officer Brigg’s Hound Dog.

The picture at the bottom is my friend Pat with his truck that I can’t identify. With wooden spoked wheels I guess it’s mid to late 20’s and some of you readers would know. it would be good if you came back with an answer.
The little town of Finley, 12 miles north of where I live now in Tocumwal, had an anniversary which included a street parade of old vehicles. This is Pat with his entrant.The local highway cop pulled him up to check on the legalities and Pat was okay because he had a permit for that day. Never the less the cop whose name was Brigg read the riot act to him. Now Brigg was infact Pat’s neighbour and was despised in the street. Despised in the town. Despised in other nearby towns infact despised in every place he showed his face. He was just a nuisance in the community.

He had a pet dog. I doubt if even the dog liked him. There are interstate truckies in our town and my friend arranged for one to transport him north to the town of Dubbo and tip it out there. About a seven hour drive . If the dog was microchipped, as required by law, Brigg would have had both expense and inconvenience. If not chipped I hope dog would have found a better owner.

Did it change Briggs attitude. No, of course it didn’t. He remained Brigg.
When issued a new highway patrol car Brigg took it to an outback road and rolled it. He was demoted. Did that slow him down. No.
My friend Colin was issued a ticket by Brigg. He was carting hay and straw hanging out of the bales exceeded the max width. Most people simply pay the fine but Colin went to court to fight the charge. The magistrate asked how many are here today with a summons from Brigg.
“12 your honour.”
I’m tired of that man, all 12 dismissed.
Well, that left Brigg without authority. I’m not sure if for that reason the man was transferred to Tumut. Stories drifted back of his nuisance and stupidity.

It's a bit like the story of the anus stretcher isn't it. If you haven't heard it, it won't be me who tells it to you.
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