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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

I once employed a bloke who I will call Dick. A former poultry farmer whose marriage broke down and he found himself a new young chick.
With this new young bride installed it was difficult for Dick to keep his mind on the job. He would be loading away from base but forget to take a fuel hose, or tool box or wetting agent or the chemical. Frequently late for work. I renamed him ‘Frank’ as in Frank Spencer from ‘some mothers do have them’ . He was loading Terry Walsh, a pilot who came to help me in the rice season. Terry was walking around the Beaver repeatedly saying, ‘where’s Dick. She used to collect eggs (on Dick’s dad’s poultry farm) and she is still collecting his eggs’. An error a day was Dick. I fired him and gave him an excellent reference. A local seed breeder phoned and asked if he was just half as good as my reference. Bugger.
Well,as a bloke I liked the man. When ever I needed a hand Dick just happened to drive in and he’d help. He would be back on the pay roll. Then I’d fire him again, then he’d be back on the payroll. My lovely book keeper said, ‘gary, you swore you’d never hire him again.’
Well last time I fired him, again with an excellent reference he applied to Barters, a large poultry farmer at Griffith. they called me and I lied to them, told them he was excellent and I'd be sorry to see him go. Well then they asked why was he leaving so I had to lie again. I have one driver too many and Dick was last on so it is fair that he has to be the one to go. And I don't like telling lies. But as I said I did like Dick but couldn't stand his inefficiencies.
I told Dick he would be an excellent chook farmer and he asked why I said that. ‘because everyone has to be good at something’ I replied.
Well he was. Infact still is. Now on his third young chick and happy. Still a likable fellow and has worked for Barters now over 30 years. Still collecting eggs and so is his third young chick.
This picture below is of Dick dressed in fancy clothes and of Dick loading into my plane.
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