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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

My story starts on April 14th 1928 the day my Great Grandfather picked up his new tudor sedan. He bought it in our hometown of Madison Indiana at the Madison Car and Tractor Co. for
$573.39. He used this car on the farm taking produce to town to sell and hauling feed back home for their livestock. He also built a trailer using an old Essex front axle to haul livestock
to town to sell. He also sold and installed Windpower Generators and Delco Light Plants. Needless to say this car has seen a lot of use.
After WWII he ordered a new ford and when it finally came in the dealership sold it to someone that came in and offered more money. This made my Great Grandfather mad so he told them he had a good car and he would just keep driving it. My father who had lived with his Grandparents from the age of 8 drove this car to high school and it is pictured in his 1953 yearbook with a Caption that says 20 years from now he would be the editor of a major newspaper and still driving Old Henry.
When his Grandfather passed away in 1958 My Dad purchased the car from his Grandmother and gave the car a new paint job and new interior. I was born in 1961 and have a lot of great memories of riding in parades and going on sunday drives. This car was just part of the family.
About 5 years ago I started a complete frame off restoration and now the car looks showroom new once again. We entered the car in our local car show this past year and it was a proud moment when my 7 year old grandson went up to receive the trophy that was taller than he was
and handed it to his Great Grandfather. We took a picture at the show of My Dad, Me, my Son, and my Grandson, which will be the progression of future ownership. It makes me proud when my Daughter in law tells me that my Grandkids (ages 3,5 and 7) spot a Model A and they know exactly what it is.
My next project is the trailer that that my Great Grandpa built just after he bought the car. I hope to take them both to the next car show and would love to find a Delco light plant to display in the trailer.


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