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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Fu24 fuel

The Fletcher is usually a single seater aeroplane but the one I did most of my time on was 2 seater. They are manufactured in New Zealand and make up all most the entire topdressing fleet. Mine (I say mine because I flew it, not owned it) was flown to Australia as a demonstration plane fitted out as dual control. Fuel gauges were the simple float type, one on each wing. Because this aeroplane was dual meant the pilot was offset to the left. Thus the right side gauge was not visible without climbing out of one’s seat. Left hand one okay. Even so they are not in the direction one is looking. The best management was to determine the time one would stop to refuel.

Fuel Starvation.

Ag planes are worked hard and ag strips are sometimes rough. It is unusual to find a really nice strip and if you do betcha the farmer owns an aeroplane. With the Fletcher we do an average of 70 landings and takeoffs each day. Sometimes something gives and needs repairs. On the day of this story it was the right hand fuel tank leaking badly. I removed it and took it to Tamworth for repair.It needed to be steam cleaned before welding for obvious reasons. I suspect the repair man tested for any remaining fuel vapour by throwing in a cigarette. Although that of course is not a naked flame. Well I refitted the tank next day and went back to work. About 70 minutes into the job the engine snuffed it. Now I wasn’t expecting that but fortune was on my side. I was just drawing abeam the airstrip. I dumped the remainder of the load and got just one bust of power which enabled me to do a 180 turn and straighten up on the strip. I made a successful landing. Inspection revealed the cork off a cigarette butt had completely covered the fuel outlet and thus fuel starvation from a full tank. Had the gauges been mounted on the dash I would have noticed one only drawing fuel.

Fuel Exhaustion.
Well I went to the job one windy day and decided not to work and returned home. Next day I went to work and I determined my refuelling time. I clean forgot I had flown it the previous day. Well what I am telling you is obvious isn’t it.

Again the picture is from the internet. The product being spread is lime. It looks spectacular doesn't it.

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