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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Originally Posted by mike48750 View Post
Ok model a story for the day. I am looking at a 1931 roadster for a reasonable price. So I ask to see the title and verify the "s/n" or VIN if you will. The engine has an unreadable stamping with no sign of the stars or any letters. The owner claims this is Grandpa and Grandma's car which he inherited and knows very little early history. One strange thing I noticed is it has a Briggs body plaque mounted above the Ford plaque. I was under the impression Briggs did not make any roadster bodies per my research on MAFCA. Any way the VIN is the same number that is on the Briggs plaque, 35774444. Another little bugaboo is the current title, issued on 5/2018 lists the year as 32'. The fenders are missing and the car has been poorly converted to tube shocks. My first inclination is to "run forrest run". What say you. Mike

Hello Mike. I'm not a great authority of mechanics including bodies. I best describe myself as "smitten by it's beauty", the A that is. There would be people who will answer your question straight off the top of their head without fear of contradiction and they are all helpful.
Please do note my signature, and as I had extended it (before deleting it) I did say that some think I know nothing.
It is well known by many, it is cheaper to purchase a restored car as compared to restoring it yourself or getting a professional to do it. Example in case, my Tourer (Phaeton) cost me 35K AUD to purchase and have restored. It's market value is about half.
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