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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Type Endorsements and Insurance Carriers.

When I first started flying a pilot required a type endorsement for each type of aeroplane he flew. (I mentioned this in the story of Ben Buckley.) This silly requirement was simplified sometime in the mid seventies when it then became grouped. Endorsement for tailwheel and an endorsement for constant speed propeller and endorsement for turbine engines.
In 1994 I bought a turbine powered Airtractor 502. It has a tail wheel and a constant speed propeller. For the turbine rating 3 of flew to Sydney and sat in a classroom for three days.
As for legal requirements we were apples. Well so we thought. It must have been 2 years later, having a chat to my insurance carriers I learned one needed an endorsement for each specific aeroplane if turbine powered.
I asked if we were to have had a claim would he have paid. With perfect clarity the answer was negative. Well I asked, would he refund the premium. Again, with perfect clarity the answer came with a word of 2 letters.
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