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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Transiting over Indonesia.
I once arrived at Tawau Malaysia only to have the tower ask where I had come from.Darwin I replied. Had I not turned up no one would have known I was missing. If you don’t have high expectations in third world countries you don’t get disappointed.
DepartingTawau for Darwin Tawau tower would instruct us to call Indonesia prior to entering their airspace. Just imagine trying to tell Indonesia who you were, where you had come from, where you were going and that you have a permit to fly overt heir country. It would not be simple and I did like uneventful flights.
The easiest way to handle this “call Indonesia” instruction was to say “Rodger” and turn the radio off.
Transiting over Brunei.
Brunei. Asmall wealthy country on the west of the island of Borneo. It is a big oil producer. It is Muslim. The head of state is the Sultan. I remember the Sultanbought his daughter a 25th birthday gift. A 4 engine Airbus 340.Green is her favourite colour so the big aeroplane was painted accordingly. He, the Sultan has a jumbo 747 for his personal aeroplane.
I was Johor Bahru on Peninsula Malaysia for Lahad Datu East Malaysia and that took me over Brunei. Another pilot strongly suggested never fly over Brunei. Well I was skirting around and Brunei ATC called and asked if I would like a clearance through their airspace. I declined and said I was advised to avoid it. “I’m told you will send a Mig after me and shoot me.” No he said. I’ll give you a clearance and you are most welcome here. I accepted and he had a laugh and assured me I could cross anytime I’d like.
However I never had reason to fly that route again. And again I did not call Indonesia. The southern sector of Borneo was Indonesia (known as Kalimantan) and again I did not wish to start a complex interrogation.

Again this is generic Airtractor picture. I'll fetch some of my pictures out in the future
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