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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

It’s now your farm Wilhelm.
I worked in an area where there were several expat German farmers, one being Wilhelm Grieve. He could hardly speak a word of English, but he managed to say “More beer Gary”.
A personable fellow with personable wife, Ingrid and 3 kids who became high achievers. His dad came to visit him I remember. He had only one hand and a hook in place of the second. Lost it on the Russian front and would have died had a high ranking officer and personal friend not spotted him. Anyway I am getting off the point of this story.
Wilhelm inherited the family farm. A farm that had been in the family for over 440 years. One day Wilhelm said to dad “I would like to sell the farm” and dad said “it is now your farm Wilhelm” meaning it is yours to do what you wish. I have never forgot that and have adopted the same concept and practise.
I owned a pristine Piper Cub. It was totally rebuilt from a corrosion free airframe. Had intended to spend 65K on it but like old cars it escalated in cost. 90K in fact without adding the purchase price. After two years the novel aspect wore off and it sat in the shed for another two years without me flying it. So I gave it to my son Dennis.
Not forgetting Wilhelm’s dad, I told Dennis he now owned it. After 5 years he traded it on a Cessna 180. That type once was our family aeroplane and the one he learned to fly in. He is tickled pink and I’m pleased for him although a little sorry to see it go.
Shortly I will write about giving your kids things which you believe they will need or enjoy but that is not always the case.
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