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James McGee. #1

I drove from Finley to Wee Waa one day in 1995. It was late morning and I was between the towns of Coonabarabran and Narrabri, a timbered area known as the Pilliga. The country was undulating and there were some steep climbs.
I came across an elderly gentleman pushing his bicycle up the hill and I stopped and invited him to put his cycle on the back of my ute and I would take him the next 70 miles.
In a Texican speech drawl he told me it was his ambition to ride the whole way from Melbourne to Cairns. He was passed 70 yo. He went on to tell me he was adiabetic and did some long rides including Mexico to Canada.
Where do you sleep I asked. Just on the road side he replied. I am tired and have no difficulty.
Is there anything you want I asked? Yes, water please.
What? Didn’t you bring water?
Yes, I did,but I didn’t know it was so far between locations to replenish.
I will be back this evening. Is there anything I can bring you? Yes, more water please.
It will be about dusk. If you are pulled over leave your high vis saddle bag on a guide post for me.
That evening I find the saddle bag, and refilled his water bottles and gave him some nice sandwiches I bought in Narrabri. We conversed some more and I left him on his stony uncomfortable bed.
He called me on the phone from Cairns. He had made it.
We had an interesting conversation back in the Pilliga. One that made me feel ashamed. Het old me he had only 3 months visa in Australia and had to keep moving. Just ask for an extension I suggested. No, he could not. Before this current visa was issued he was required to sign a document to state he would not apply for an extension.
This bloke had fort in the Coral Sea to stop the Japanese fleet from invading Australia and we treated him like that. Do you think it was shameful? If those public servants had a brain they would be lonely. Of course they would blame the government.
We corresponded by mail. He had many tales and he was hospitable. He would drive his campervan to the Oshkosh air show to give he and I accommodation for that big renowned air show. I never did go.

He tells an interesting story and this is revealed in “James Mcgee #2 tomorrow.

Recently I read an account of an elderly American being reprimanded by a French immigration official for not having a visa to enter France. The elderly gentleman retorted by saying the last time he came a visa was not required. The official asked "when was that?".
In 1944 the elderly gentleman said.

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