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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

you have today's story early.


I was enroute to Darwin and then onwards to Malaysia. The first sector is 11 hours and I decided to stop at Alice Springs and have a lunch break at the airport terminal. I spoke to Darwin tower out of courtesy because I didn’t have a transponder. I got some bloke by the name of Harry. He was most difficult. I may get to Darwin and declined entry he said. I didn’t think that would happen so after lunch I spooled up for Darwin and took off. I didn’t have alot of power.Something was wrong. The engine has just had a hot section inspection. Why would something be wrong unless it was assembled incorrectly. I turned around and returned to Adelaide. Yes a seal had been crushed in reassembly.

I departed 4 days later, again had lunch at Alice then called Darwin tower. What a change. Bloke most helpful and even apologetic about the attitude of Harry. The flight through Darwin and onwards was just how I like it. Uneventful.

To proceed with this story I must explain a service provided by Air Traffic Control (ATC). Weather conditions are recorded and transmitted continuously to all inbound aeroplanes. This is called ATIS meaning "automatic terminal information service."

When I returned home about 2 months later I wrote to the Officer in Charge of the Darwin base.
I suggested to him he promote Harry to PAR. Now that means, in my mind anyway, permanent ATIS reader. Never did get a reply to my letter.

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