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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

I don't even know where to begin when it comes to my love affair with the model A. I grew up in Northern Massachusetts, and my parents had a barn full of antique cars. We had forties flatheads, Packard's, a 53 Dodge, and two Model A's. One was an old doodlebug cut down in WWII to be a tractor, dozer, and snow plow. My father had been plowing our driveway with it since the blizzard of 78. The other was a 31 Woody, and she was all original.

When I hit the age of twelve, most of the cars were gone; the woody to boot. But the doodlebug stayed. That was my first restoration. I started it with my father when I was twelve, and finished when I was 16. We rebuilt the engine, pulled what was left of the body off and did all that work as well as the chassis. I loved coming home from school and working on that old truck. she still plows the driveway today, and is my avatar.

Fast forward to me at 24. I graduated from Massachusetts Maritime Academy with a 4.2. my folks were thrilled! my graduation present? a Model A I could drive. I found a barn fresh 30 Tudor that hadn't been started in 60 years. I went and looked at it, bought it, and drove it up on the trailer myself to bring it home. I partially rebuilt the engine, and have kept the car in its original survivor state. Shes not the prettiest thing to look at, but it's my first real A. I have put close to 7500 miles on the car, and met many people in the region who are connected with the car and know it well. In fact, I was at a car show, and the original owners son saw the car and left me a note on the windshield. Come to find out, the first owner of the car was my great uncle.

A's have a funny way of taking hold of people. Im newly thirty, and am getting married next October. My fiance loves the Model A, and beams every time she gets a ride in it. I have nine Fords in my quiver now, all antiques, and she still loves the Tudor the best. So instead of leaving the altar in a fully restored stock 50 shoebox woody, she wants to leave in the A. I couldn't have picked a better car to do it in.
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