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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Record employment in Aerial Ag Industry.
Dalby is a town of 13,000 people on the Darling Downs and is located 130 miles north west of the state capital of Brisbane, Queensland. It’s industries are predominantly agricultural mostly grain and cotton with supporting industries. One of these industries is agricultural spraying services of which there are three. The oldest was formally Les Keys Aviation and sadly Les was killed in a power wire strike in1973. The company remained in the family and rebadged itself as Keyland Aviation. I flew for Keyland from 75 to 79. A good company to work for. I departed to prepare for an airline job but never made it. I was offered an ag aviation business in the Riverina and took that. I was always a little disappointed I never got to fly those big powerful aeroplanes but I did make the best choice. But I am getting away from the point of this story.
Recently retired secretary to Keyland is Sharon Bridle. 52 years in one job. What Sharon didn’t know wouldn’t be worth knowing. She started when she was 22, so you can figure out her age.
She was a good looking chick when she started and only one thing has changed. She is now a good looking middle aged woman.
She will spend quite a bit of her time nursing husband Bob who suffers from spinal arthritis. Despite his handicap, which is severe, he is always smiling and jovial. Don’t think I would be.
Enjoy yourretirement Sharon and I know you enjoy your grandkids. You are fortunate to have a happy bloke to live with.
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