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When I was a young bloke I took a job mustering cattle in the outback Kimberly Range at a station by the name of Dunham River.
Outback stations have some characters and some with an AKA names. Many escaping alimony and some the law. They can be unique people with strong personalities and character.
Dunham River station was purchased by a Texican by the name of Goddard. He purchased a Piper Cub and I flew it and mustered wild cattle in conjunction with a stock camp. The stockmen in outback are known as ringers. I guess this name was because wild cattle would break from a mob and the stockmen would head them back into the mob which would move in a circular motion. Bulls that just could not be mustered were caught individually by ‘bull catchers’. The ground surface would need to be smooth enough to run a vehicle that had built onto the front a ‘bull bar’and had steel wrapped around the cab and had the roof and windows removed. Justlike the movie ‘Hatari’.
Well one well known bull catcher was TC, short for the cannon. A tough bloke with a soft heart.TC and family lived in a caravan park in the nearby town of Kununurra. Well TC had never submitted a tax return in his life. One day two tax inspectors arrived at TC's campsite and advised that their call was a courtesy call and they would be back in the morning to review TC's books. Well TC had no books. He also had a dislike and perhaps a fear of government. Yes they would return in the morning.
When they returned in the morning TC was gone. He had returned to Dunham River,collected his semi trailer and stock crate plus his Toyota bull catching vehicle. He had passed through Camooweal in Western Queensland some 963 miles east. Canon my name and cannon by function.
Would you believe no matter how intensive the tax men inquired and delved they couldn’t find anyone who knew where TC had gone.
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