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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Mohammad turns green.
I arrived at Sahabit number 9 airstrip, as arranged to find my loader driver waiting but no fertilizer to spread. It wasn’t too much longer before the fertilizer arrives, in 1 ton bags. Well there were no slaves to decant these bags.
Having Mohammad translate I say to the drivers, 3 in all that if I, Mr Gary decants would they help. In one noun, said with explicit clarity the answer was negative. I ask again with emphasis on Mr Gary also decanting. Again an unambiguous response.
“Mohammad tell these drivers they have tiny little balls”. Mohammad’s brown skin changes colour. “Mohammad tell them” and again “Mohammad tell them”. Mohammad is now green and the words come from his mouth slowly and constrained. I spread my thumb and forefinger to about half an inch to illustrate the size I had in mind.
Needless tosay I had extremely offended them. Well that was my intention. They were dark on me.
They made several trips during the day and they lightened up. On their last trip I got a wave and a small smile.
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