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The Missing Link.
It was said by teachers I would never become a pilot. I was not bright. Well if I can say so I became a leader in aerial agricultural standards. Insurance carriers talk of me in never having a claim outside a total engine failure. Retiring shortly with 30k hours.
Another agpilot by the name of Chris Holden was told the same. He is a successful pilot in NSW with years of good safe experience.
David Link was a farm boy in the agricultural area I serviced. Ridiculed at school and named “the missing link”. When I bought a new (to me) aeroplane David would appear to check it out. He would appear again, shortly after with all the specs of the aeroplane and power plant. He always was interested in aeroplanes.
My son Dennis was in the same school year as David. When school finished and kids are seeking employment 15 of them, Dennis said, had applied to the airforce for a job. I asked who they were. I had not seen a single one on of them on the airfield and not one was accepted to my knowledge.
David goes and gets a job as drilling assistant, a no future job. He saves his money and takes lessons flying helicopters. His successful career takes him to theNorthern Territory mustering cattle. Then various jobs including in Canada. He returns to Australia and takes up an appointment with National Parks. Everything is going well.
The police aviation wing wanted one extra helicopter pilot and had 74 applicants. David got that one job. Today he flys the most interesting jobs in outback and city. Flies around the big buildings at night with night flying goggles. Still a pilot and did not need tobecome a policeman.
I admire David, the farm kid who was ridiculed at school. Like Chris Holden and myself those lampooned can reach high standards and command top jobs. Hats off to you farm boy.

Must be something about pilots, I was told by the school councillor to take auto-motives in high school so when I got kicked out, I could get a job changing oil. Instead headed to the local airport, got a job after school pulling airplanes in and out of the hangar. When not tugging aircraft around was washing, polishing and vacuuming them. By the time I finished high school had my commercial pilots license, never looked back. Heard later the councilor was speechless and most of the teachers were cheering me on.
When my aviation career ended I retired with 22,380 hours, flew the older Boeings including B747s and traveled all around the world. Must be something said for being slow and focused he he he.
I could tell stories about what some real sharp class mates ended up doing, suffice to say I am quite happy with my career choice. God Bless you all.
Gerry Allen, Birch Bay Wa
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