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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Ford’s Airliner.

Yes Henry made an airliner. Firstly he purchased an aviation manufacturer by the name of Stout in1926 and Mr Stout designed the “Ford Tri Motor”. As the name suggests a 3 engine aeroplane. Ideas were taken (stolen) from the German Junkers which used corrugated skins. The corrugation gave rigidity but was heavier than traditional fabric which is still used today on some new aeroplanes. Then the basic design was taken from the Fokker. I believe this resulted in a law suit. Have I spelt suit correctly?

The aeroplane was produced and sold in 1929 and Ford went on to produce 199 of them. Many of today’s modern airlines commenced with them. It was a military machine to. Now some trivia, KLM was one such airline and KLM stands for Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij meaning ‘royal airline company. Betcha didn’t know that and I betcha you can’t pronounce the name either.

Today 5 remain and I believe, and stand to be corrected, (see signature at base of this article) the last regular public service they provided was at long island doing a milk run,so to speak. One went to Idaho and was used for crop spraying then went onto forest fire bombing.

Engine power started at 200 hp then 300 and mostly ended with the Pratt and Whitney Radial 985 (cubic inch displacement) which was supercharged and delivered 450 hp. I think that one would find today all remaining aeroplanes were R985’s ( I sat behind these R985’s for years on the Agcat). . A few had the rpm increased to 2700 rpm and delivered 525 hp.

I see on the aviation trading journal “trade a plane” one is offered for 2.85 million.

I reckon many readers will have know the above. Many readers to would know the tune, a once popular duet turned to a hit. Do click onto the link and take a listen even if you know it. It’s great. Ada Jones and Billy Murray

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