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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Death, No Worries.
It must have been about 1998 I was returning to Australia from East Malaysia. The first sector to Darwin is an 11 hour flight. I depart at first light and that gets me to Darwin in daylight hours. This is important because thunderstorms are still active in the tropics. The wet season has started in the tropical north of Australia where thunderstorms start building in early avo. Avoidance is important at any time but more so now as we are very heavy with full fuel. Full tanks and a hopper load is 900 US gallons. 2.7 tons of fuel. Remember cropsprayers have only 1 engine.
We have no refrigeration at our hotel and so I go to the market for breakfast and food to carry enroute. Only chicken is available. This is what I buy. You can guess the rest of the story but I will continue anyway.
2 hours into the flight Sulawesi comes into view. About the same time my tummy rumbles. It didn’t take alot longer before I was chucking up. Then I had the runs. Had to shit in the plastic breakfast bag. Then chuck up again and shit again and again etc etc. It goes on and on and it was on the nose. This continued for another 6 or 7 hours. I started to improve about East Timor which gave me only another 2 hours to Darwin.
On arrival Darwin the customs man decided to be thorough and found a couple of dozen bottles of Phillipino rum. Tanduay. The engineer had stashed it into the rear fuselage. Don’t know why one would want Tanduay rum in Australia. Maybe novel value. because it's poor quality.
Feeling abit better now I went to a restaurant and ordered a steak meal. When it was laid in front of me I nearly chucked again and rushed out without eating. By 2 in the morning I hadn’t improved so took a taxi to the hospital. The doctor gave me some pills and said those alone would cure my problem. I asked if he should give me some charcoal and he thought that was a good idea. But no it wasn’t. I didn’t shit for the next 8 days and that was as bad as the food poisoning.
I showered late in the morning and departed about midday. It was my intention to fly into the night but approaching end of day I decided to stay at a pub in a small outback community of Birdsville. That is very outback in the Simpson Desert. Again I showered and changed clothes. I ate just a little, my appetite still hadn’t returned. I departed about 1 in the morning.
On arrival at my destination which was Leeton NSW I was told they could smell me at 100yards. The smell hadn’t left me. I was still feeling poorly. I did improve for about 2 days then the result of the charcoal (explained earlier) made me progressively worse.
Future flights I purchased food from the town and had the hotel keep it cool in their kitchen fridge. Whilst I was ill, very ill, I could not fly the aeroplane straight or level. I didn’t really know or care which way to point the nose for Australia and infact I didn’t really care. And I wouldn't have cared if I died. Now that's all ridgie didge.
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