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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Scaredy Cats.
Yesterday avo I offered a Model A admirer my ute (woofa express) to take for a drive. She declined as she was frightened she may damage it. This is a common response I get when offering the vehicle to people.
I tell them it was a heap of shit when I first acquired it and if it is damaged it is not a big deal to repair it. I tell these scaredy cats the “A” was the first motorcar many had ever driven as their previous transport was a horse. Now they, the horses, never had breaks or comfy seats.
About two years ago I took it to a Ford Fairlane rally. Not to enter it as obviously it was not eligible. I knew some of the public spectators and asked them which Fairlane they liked best. They gave me their preference and followed by saying he maroon ute parked across the road that they liked best. I offered the “A”for them to drive and they too declined. Both were farmers (my favourite people) and were familiar with machinery.
You may notice I call the pickup a utility or ute for short. Australian produced utes differ from the American pickups insofar as the tray side panel is acontinuous panel starting directly behind the door. Some call it a slab side. Whereas the American pickup has astand alone tub. To my knowledge the first Australian pickup was made by Ford about 15 years ago were the ute was first made in the mid 1950’s by GeneralMotors Holden. This matter is both contradictory and controversial. Please note my signature at the bottom of this writing. Many vehicles are delivered as a cab-chassis and one gets the tray made to their own specs. I have a Toyota Landcruiser with a steel tray and a wooden floor. A steel floor lets drums and other slide around too easily and dogs find it too hot to stand on.
As for the comparison of pickup verses ute. I think the stand alone tub, the pickup, is preferable because if the floor gets rusted out or it gets damaged too much it’s easy to replace.
Young folk like utes. It’s a cult following that is strong particularly around farming areas. The“first car” for many farm kids was the old farm ute.
The town of Deniliquin, about 35 miles to the west of me has an annual “ute muster”. It’s now a national event. The record number of utes topped out at more than 8,000 and had 25,000 plus visitors. If there has been rain they make mud. With or without the mud they do “circle work”. They all camp on site many just bringing their swags which is a rolled up bed.Some years back my ute (woofa express) was entered by local farmer, BernardClancy and won the best ute at the muster.

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