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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Malaysia was a dry state.

Money changes that. We all know Al Capone make his living by wetting people’s throats? Yes? It happens in every place throughout the world, Malaysia too.
In Malaysia we purchased good beer, San Miguel and poor rum, Tanduay. Both Filipino. It always came in hessian bags and was quite cheap. The sand that came with it was complementary. How come you ask?
Well it was a trade conducted by Filipino pirates. They buried it in the sand and our Filipino loader driver foreman was an intermediary. He formally had been a pirate.
Our supply stopped for a while. The trade had been sprung. It wasn’t too long before the trade began again. It turns out the police had intercepted the liquor and now they became the retailers. The margin increased of course. We were still a profitable and reliable market. They, the police were expected to make up their own wages and they did that with great resource. I’ll tell you more about them in a later story.

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