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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Working withcloud.
The lowest cloud I ever worked in was south of Jerilderie on the property of Stuart Rochford. Spreading urea. Visibility of one or two miles and very little wind. But the cloud was almost on the deck.
I would turn over trees. Very low. Maybe the lower wing had about a 20 foot margin but part of the top wing was literally in the cloud. The job took a little over one hour. I payed strict attention to every thing. Didn’t blink.
I was pleased when I finished and relaxed enroute home.
Another unusual cloud / work job was at Binjor Plateau near Mundubbera Queensland. Spraying peanuts.The crop was grown to the edge of the plateau and cloud formed at that level because of rising air on the northern side. At the end of the run I had to quickly descend about 100 feet, do a 180 turn then climb and make minor adjustment to my track then continue to spray.
I just loved working at Binjor. A tightly knitted farming community and they were fun and laughter and pranks.
It is worth my saying that I used to fly in very low cloud near ground level. With high tension power wires one could fly under if it was that low. Vis had to be good.
Today my attitude and practice has changed. Mobile phone towers have been erected all around the country and it would be certain death to continue the practise.
I did get one surprise. Destination Bankstown NSW. Tuned nav radio into a radio broadcast station.. I did see it a couple of miles off but the surprise was I hadn’t expected it. It was 1500 feet high.
I’ll tell you about fog in another story.
Bankstown, mentioned above was, in the war renamed Yankstown for obvious reasons. There was local resentment to those Americans. They (Americans) were considerably better paid than the locals and with more cash to splash on the local girls plus nylons.The locals found fault with them. Said they were overpaid, oversexed and over here. Other than Bankstown Americans were well received and popular.
Americans servicemen were also at my local town of Tocumwal. There are some funny stories told by my friend Johnny Haynes who was a kid at the time. Maybe I’ll tell themsome time.
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