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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

I'm sure many stories could be told about that jack you're using! The brand we had on the farm was "Handyman".
The brand of jack I saw most often back then was "Jackall", that's one in the picture and I still have and use it occasionally

hi Katy. It feels good to save something worthwhile from decay or demolition doesn't it. Looking at the photo where it is missing the wheel, it seems like the vehicle was in good condition, that is the restoration wasn't that difficult. I take it the vehicle is not the green closed cab one on your home page.
Hi Gary, back then I wasn't into Model A's although I had owned and driven a few back in the '50s (daily drivers). I had bought this one on a whim, I paid $15 for it, sold it for $150 and thought I was doing good. The fellow that bought it owned what was called a speed shop, I don't know what he did w/it, I suspect he hot-rodded it. I never saw it again.
Play it again Sam.
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