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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Airtractor spray aeroplaneVH-DDT.

In 1993 I bought anAirtractor from David Baynes, a cotton sprayer in Wee Waa NSW. It was registered VH-DDT. David needed the capital to expand thus the sale. However he did want to retain the rego. It was unique. I agreed he could and David changed the Airtractor rego to VH-DDH.

Unfortunately David did not reserve the rego and it was taken by an opportunist. A request was made for this fellow to relinquish it. The fellow agreed provided David sent him some $5000. David was pretty sour.

In 1995 I sold my business to Fieldair. That included VH-DDH.
It had been a favourite of David's and he requested that he get first offer should Fieldair sell it. The opportunity arose and he went halves with Neville Dunn. Should the rego remained VH-DDT David would have had it back in his possession.

Unfortunately the plane was crashed in West Australia. A couple of enterprising engineers then took 2wrecks and rebuilt to one. The rego DDH was dropped when the aeroplane was rebuilt. Now both VH-DDT and VH-DDH have gone. That is until David posts 5k AUD to the opportunists.

footnote. I paid David some 330,000 for that aeroplane and the new price was 420,000 if my memory is correct. It came, at the time, without GPS without a heater and without aircon. We were supposed to be tough.
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