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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Originally Posted by katy View Post
Back around 1963 or '64 I bought a Model A roadster pickup that had been sitting outside forever. We aired up the tires and they all held air so we hooked it up to my friends 3/4 ton w/a tow bar and were towing it to his place about 25 miles away. About 1/2 way there the left rear wheel of the A decided to go AWOL. After pulling off to the side of the road we followed the track the wheel had made in the grass and retrieved the wheel with the attached hub. We found the axle key back on the road but no nut. Needing a nut I scrounged around and found that the nut holding the spare tire bracket to the frame was just what we needed. "liberated" that nut, put the wheel, axle key and nut back on the axle tightened it up, put a nail in to suffice for a cotter pin and we were back in business.
I figure that back in time, back on the farm, somebody had needed that nut for some other application so had just "borrowed" it.

hi Katy. It feels good to save something worthwhile from decay or demolition doesn't it. Looking at the photo where it is missing the wheel, it seems like the vehicle was in good condition, that is the restoration wasn't that difficult. I take it the vehicle is not the green closed cab one on your home page.
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