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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Arrival at Coolangatta.
Late autumn is when the aerial ag industry meets for the AGM. Mostly held on the Gold Coast which is at the southern end of Queensland.
On arrival at the airport, Coolangatta, I was asked to extend my down wind leg. After not getting any further instructions from the tower I called and advised I was now beyond gliding distance from land. I further more had not bought my floaties. Could I have a clearance please to turn to final. Yes, granted. (Floaties may be, I don’tknow, a local term for small plastic blow up floatation devises one puts on the arms of kids and blow up).
After landing and shutting down I called the tower and asked if they would kindly order me a taxi.
Yes give us your name please. Now our family name is unusual and some have difficulty in comprehending. Mexted I say. They asked for “say again” and I gave them same again.
My friend from Stawell in Victoria arrived at the same time. He was standing next to me. His name is Lindsay Seehusen.
Gary, order a cab for me too please. Here’s a mic Lindsay you can make the request. He does so and then of course comes the request for his name.
Smith he says. We have a laugh. The cabs dually arrive. We had a good conference. We have a informative and social time. Many tales are told, some of them quite untrue of course. Comradeship and liquor does expand the imagination of the mind.

I must compare the cropduster pilots convention to the Model A bi annual meeting and conference. That will be tomorrow.
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