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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Duane's down wind landing.
My spring work is rice sowing followed closely by spraying for insects and weeds. It's the busiest time of the year and required the help of two additional pilots. I hired Duane Switzer and David Salter. I was fortunate that I could call on 2 very experience pilots. Between the 3 of us we had a little more than 70 thousand hours flying.
Springtime has some terrible weather. Cold fronts pass through continually sometimes as frequently as 1 every 5 days. Winds reach gale force and at times we are compelled to work in high winds. Up to 30 knots. Find an airstrip into wind, land, load and takeoff without turning the aeroplane around. It is not possible to turn it around on the ground. Fly the seed in spreading one way only.
All this because rice seed has been wet and germinated. it is growing. If left unsown it becomes matted. It is then disposed of. Costly and in the interim the paddy water gets sour and establishment of the new crop is slow.
One such windy day David and I had returned to base then along comes Duane. From the south west with 30 knots of wind behind him. He flys past the strip, turns and lands into wind. When he walked in I simply commented. Couldn't handle a strait in Duane? Well he returns of the plane, cranks, takesoff, does a 180 and lands down wind at horrendous speed. He wasn't going to get put down.
Now Duane is an interesting bloke. Lives on 3 continents. North America, South America and Australia. He has written a book so this is a plug for his book. On his experiences world wide and aeroplane ferry all around the world. Good reading and easy flowing. not many people have had his experience.
It can be bought on Amazon for $29USD.

My Flying Stories. by Duane Switzer.

I enjoyed it which was helped by the fact I get a mention. It is me in the aeroplane that is featured on the front cover.
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