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CASA is our Civil Aviation and Safety Authority. It is deception that they be called safety authority because their pilots have had nearly as many crashes as I have had hot breakfasts. Many had come from the military and they were impractical and authoritive. At 70 I can bag CASA without fear of any reprisals from nasty little upstarts. My pilot licence renewal is about due and I intend to retire so CASA can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

Bill Scott was a CASA ag pilot examiner and an ex military man. I must commend him because he never had crashed an aeroplane. Not a popular fellow in our industry however I got along with him well. He was man enough that one could speak bluntly with him. Bill gave me a piece of information that turned out useful and I enjoy passing it onto others.

Public servants and bureaucrats may write and demand explanations. They are expecting a reply in writing and when you respond they’ve gotcha. What they can’t deal with is those who don’t reply .

I received a letter from a high ranking authority. A powerful government department . They enquired as to which contractors erected a substantial building on my property. I didn’t answer. My accountant said I wouldn’t get away with it. Well they wrote a second, a third, a forth, a fifth and a sixth and then they went away. They didn’t bother me any more.

Another pilot I know received a letter from a lowly government official demanding an explanation. At my advise (originating fromBill) I advised him not to respond. He didn’t. Following yet another demand he received a phone call asking him to respond. He said he had no intention of writing but invited the bureaucrat to come and talk to him. Of course the bureaucrat didn’t and the whole matter faded into the thin air.

Good advise. Thankyou Bill.

Likewise, if you have a complaint to make to a government department you must do it in writing. A verbal complaint goes no further when the conversation ends. An emailed copy is acknowledged electronically upon receipt by a department. Then receipt cannot be denied.

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