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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

What goes around, comes around.
Some 40,000 Piper Cubs were built starting in 1938 andfinishing in 1994. So long as aeroplanes exist so will the Cub. The forerunner was the Taylorcraft, first flying in 1932and powered by a 28hp engine. It was said to be underpowered and a 38hp enginewas installed. That was said to be overpowered. Through the production period the power was increased in increments to 150hp. They are now re-engined to180hp and used both privately and commercially all around the world andparticularly in Alaska. At Anchorage airport up to one third of light aeroplanes are Cubs.I found it curious that very few aeroplanes were hangared. I was told the UV radiation was low but they mostly were hangared in the winter when most did not fly.
Aeroplane registration in Australia is prefixed by the letters VH followed by a dash then three letters. The call sign is the 3 letters following the VH.
My son Dennis Mexted had a Piper Cub registered VH-MGN and thus it’s call sign is Mike Golf November.
Dennis is married to Kathy Whitty. Whitty by name and whitty by nature. So Kathy called the aeroplane not Mike Golf November but “Mexted Going Nowhere”.
Recently Dennis traded the plane for a Cessna 180. Just by chance the rego is VH-WGN. And what does Dennis call it?
Whitty Going Nowhere.
What goes around comes around.
I endeavoured to download a picture however this site is just too complex for my simple computer skills.
footnote. well after much endeavour I got the picture on.
No I didn't. It took place of my model a with Woofa. I change it tomorrow.

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