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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

I may have told this before but here goes.

When I was in high school my friend Steve drove a Model A Closed Cab Pickup to school. His family had a small orange orchard on their property. It was on the side of a hill and the only truck that could go up and down the steep hill to bring down the fruit was the Model A.

We had first period gym and the guys would stand outside the gym before class. One day Steve drove by in his Model A with a broom, that they used to clean the bed, stucking up in bed by the cab. Back in the day, the big thing was to put duel pipes on your car. When he came over, one of the wise guys said "hey Steve, when are you going to get duel broom!" All the guys erupted in laughter.

The next day, Steve drove by with duel brooms stuck in the bed. For the rest of the year, his nick name was "duel brooms."

David Serrano
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