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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

In ’73 and ’74I was spreading fertilizer across farmland in the New England region of NewSouth Wales. On this particular day I landed and taxied up to one big pile ofsuper phosphate.
Along drovethe farmer. He was to give me instructions on where to spread this, applicationrates and any special instructions or requests. Nothing unusual about that. Butwhat was unusual was his ute (pickup to Americans). An A Model. Even as a kid Ialways loved A Models. The only difference now was the fact I was a big kid. WellI was more interested in his motor car than details of his job. Then along camefarmers son. In a Model A. This took my attention until a third son arrived toin a Model A.
Just howmany of these things do you have I asked. 10 was his reply. How come I asked.
He went onto say that each clearing sale that had one listed they attended and bought. Aboutten pound each. They thought that one day they would be valuable. They showedme a Victorian in almost perfect order. Would they sell it to me. No, sorry.
Well I was disappointed.But also pleased with him. He had them all garaged. Out of the weather. I havecome across so many old cars and tractors in the weather where the owners won’tsell and won’t put under cover.
Whilst writingthis now I have decided I might track down that family and communicate withthem. I have 3 A’s. My wife insists that is why we have no money. is offline   Reply With Quote