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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

In 1966 I was a student at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California. We had to go to Palm Springs for a Journalism Conference. Since a 1930 Model A Coupe was the only car I owned, my girl friend and I drove it the 125 or so miles over to Palm Springs. She was all dressed up in a nice dress and panty hose and high heels. However, it was a warm day and the Model A was running a bit warm climbing from the coast to Riverside and then over the top of the hill. The panty hose became intolerable and she decided that they had to come off! We were running just a little bit late and did not want to stop and in those days there were not too many places to stop. She just pulled up her dress into her lap and then wiggled and wiggled and half stood up in order to get the panty hose to come off. I'm sure they were pretty sweaty in cab of that Model A chugging up the hill with the GAV cranked open and the spark advance almost to the bottom, up just enough to stop the spark knock. Well, there were no panties under the panty hose and it was all that I could do to keep the car on the road...we still know each other and we still laugh about that trip once in a while...We were only 19 at the time, and it was a long time ago...but I can still see every detail...Ernie

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