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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Today my wife mustered up her friends and a few fellas and we drove 55km, (about 35miles) north to the town of Jerilderie.
The town isfamous for a bank robbery by Australia’s most notorious highway gang. A family by the name of Kelly. A bit like the English gang of Robin Hood. Well the Kelly gang held up the entire town for 3 days until someone could find the bank manager to open the bank safe. They took two and a half thousand pounds which I am told is the equivalent of 4 million today. They burned the deeds to loans so as the bank had no security on money they lent to farmers. Unfortunately for the farmers the bank had duplicates stored in Melbourne, about 250 miles south.They got away with this and many other robberies for a long time but eventually they were betrayed. Today the nation has conflicting opinions on the “Kelly Gang”. Many believe the police tormented them, others believe they were just cold blooded police killers.
Another historical fact is Australia’s most famous soldier grew up there. John Monash. Bought precision to the WW1 battle field in Europe. Considered the best allied general.
The Queen’shat maker or what was once called a milliner was born in Jerilderie. Frederic Fox.
And an author by the name of Ruth Ham is a Jerilderie girl. She wrote a book which turned into a delightful and funny movie by the name of “the dressmaker”.
A late resident by the name of Michael Hastings lived there. According to records acquired by British “Thames TV” Michael was the legitimate king of England. It was claimed by British that the legitimacy of the blood line had been busted unless a previous Queen (named and I don’t remember who) had an 11 months gestation period whilst the king was at war. Well Michael reckoned it was difficult enough being a Pom in Australia let alone a titled one. He had no desire to challengethe British Royals.
The population is, according to a 2016 census is 1029.
Well back to our day in Jerilderie. We had a tour around the old “Westpac” bank, house and gardens. Tea and scones. The house was packed with memorabilia. Packed and interesting. Includes the safe, which the Kelly’s had waited 3 days to get open.The hosts, Roy and Beth are great hosts. Beth plays the piano like a true entertainer. Roy was a dance teacher and taught many well know Australian dancers. Roy had been a collector all his life. He had about 20 antique cars. He believes about twenty. Mostly late 20’s. Included 2 Model A’s. All stored in old turkey sheds.
Well one day a bloke turned up and asked to buy either one or the lot. He was greeted by Roy’s mum who was more than 80 yo. Well Roy’s mum said she would like to get theplace cleaned up and told them to take the lot. Roy doesn’t know who they were or where the cars ended up. Mum wasn’t paid a cent. One, an Overlander, onceRoy’s dad’s car had taken Roy 4 years to pay off an interim owner.
The receiver of the cars was never heard of again and I would consider him a thief. Roy said he never reprimanded his mother. “She was over 80 so what was the point.”

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