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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

In 1958 I was driving my almost new Corvette when a Model A pickup passed, going in the opposite direction. I chased him down and bought it for the outrageous price of $150, about half-again what most A's were going for but it was pretty straight and I wanted an A pickup. It was almost stock, 16" steel wheels, '30 rad shell and sealed beam headlights. Turned out to be an early, late '31. No solid top but all the rest of the late-'31 stuff. I ran it for a few months until 2nd gear lost a tooth, then put in a 2-port Riley, B trans with Zephyr gears. It has since had a 4-port Cook, a Cyclone flathead and now a 4-port Riley on a late '31 block, and a Colombia diff. The body is still stock and will remain that way. I now have a speedster and a Vicky, but my favorite driver is still the wide-bed. It will cruise all day at 65-70 MPH, and get 20+ MPG. Like other Model A's, it gets looks from people all the time, so there are other stories too, and I enjoy reading about them.
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