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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Winnie theblue dog crashes vintage car.

Well I wasboth proud and pleased with my restored 28 A model. It was advertised in theMelbourne newspaper by a local farmer in our area. Had been a paddock basheruntil it wasnít even any good for that. 2K was the asking price and whilst Icouldnít immediately put my hands on that money the farmer agreed he would keepit for me until I could come up with it. There was numerous enquiries fromMelbourne which was 200 miles south.
I had itwell restored costing twice itís market value but I was pleased.
I had a dog,a blue healer cattle dog by the name of Winnie. Winnie had been my daughtersdog. Given to her as a puppy which outgrew its cuteness when it grew into a propersize hound. It was left with us, her parents, on a temporary permanent basis. I have heard many stories about parentsinheriting dogs from their kids.
Itís ourpolicy not to have dogs in the house or car. One exception is the Model A. Winniewould sit on the floor only and never miss an opportunity of going where everit took her.
One thisparticular day, with the car running and parked in our yard, with the driversdoor open (itís always been my policy to close car doors) Winnie was not goingto miss this ride. Up she jumped and squeezed between the seat and the gearstick. The gear stick was pushed forward and almost without a crunch was inreverse. I saw this. The staff car chugging backwards and approaching a 3000gallon fuel tank. Well the expected occurred. Crunch. I hadnít made it back to thevehicle at that moment and here was the staff car held stationary with wheelsrotating in the dirt.
I climbedin. Winnie gave one of those dog smiles to display her pleasure. I gave her apat. How could I be pissed with something she did not intend and had no idea ofmy panic and 7 second 100 yard dash.
Fortunately damagewas minimal and the rear bumper bar had saved the day. She continued her chaufferdriven rides and we still loved her. is offline   Reply With Quote